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Following Questions are based on the MNPS Online Training. You will demonstrate required minimum knowledge to take part as a crewmember inside the RVSM Airspace. The Online Training as well as this test are based on the requirements according to §2b, 3.DV LuftBO (Germany) and  OPS SPA.MNPS.105 and ICAO Annex 6 (CAT-OPS)

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1.The minimum required Navigation equipment for unrestricted operation in NAT/MNPS airspace consist of : (CH1)

2.An LRNS may be one of the following:
one inertial navigation system (INS)
one global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
one navigation system using the inputs from one or more inertial reference system (IRS) or any other sensor system complying with the MNPS requirement.
all of the above

3.The vertical Dimensions of the NAT MNPS Airspace are: (CH1)
FL 310 - FL 390
FL 55 - FL 420
FL 285 - FL 420

4.The use of the OTS Routes is mandatory: (CH2)
no, random routes may be flown.
yes, if OTS Routes are published, they must be flown.
no, only mandatory for scheduled air traffic.
only, if published by NOTAM.

5.Flights Planning to Operate without HF Communications (VHF only): (CH4)
the carriage of HF communications is mandatory for flight in the Shanwick OCA.
above FL420 no HF required.
HF is required inside MNPS Airspace.
must use other air traffic as a relay station.

6.In order to signify that a flight is approved to operate in NAT MNPS Airspace a special letter shall be inserted in field 10 of the ATC Flight Plan. This letter is: (CH4)

7.For the flights TO Keflavik it is recommended that pilots should request their Oceanic Clearance at least: (CH5)
before departure
before entering the NAT MNPS Airspace from Shanwick OCA
Clearance will be given without any request
40 minutes prior to the Oceanic entry point ETA from Shanwick OCA

8.Shanwick OAC may ask about the approval status during initial contact. Your aircraft and crew status should be: (CH1)
NAT MNPS and RVSM approved
NAT MNPS approved, but no RVSM approval
No RVSM and no NAT MNPS approval
RVSM approved but no NAT MNPS approval

9.The Mach Number Technique within NAT MNPS Airspace is used: (CH7)
to calculate time of arrival at destination (ETA)
to ensure longitudinal separation between aircrafts
because of very low OAT
because constant MACH = constant TAS

10.Oceanic Clearance is always obtained in flight prior to entering NAT MNPS airspace: (CH5)
Yes, at least 40min prior entering NAT MNPS airspace
No, it must  be obtained on ground at airports close to oceanic boundaries., e.g. Prestwick, Shannon, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Gander, Goose Bay.

11.The planning of longitudinal separation is based solely on ETAs. After obtaining and reading back the Oceanic Clearance pilots should monitor the forward ETA for oceanic entry. A revised estimate should pass to OAC if there is a difference of: (CH5)
5 minutes
3 or more minutes
OAC will get the new ETA from another ATC unit
7 minutes

12.Due to the importance of correct ETAs / ATAs a UTC time check and resynchronization of the aircraft master clock has to be done before any NAT MNPS flight. (p.e. Time standard available on FMS, GPS page.)

13.Complete readback of every clearance as well as the use of standard phraseology is mandatory. Which position report is, in respect to the sequence of information, correct: (CH6)
"D-ABCD, 60 North 10 West at 2110, FL 290, estimating 61 North 012 34 West at 21 25, Aldan next"
"D-ABCD, 60 North 10 West at 2110, FL 290, estimating 61 North 012 34 West at 21 25"
"Position, D-ABCD, 60 North 10 West at 2110, FL 290"
"Position, D-ABCD, 60 North 10 West at 2110, FL 290, estimating 61 North 012 34 West at 21 25, Aldan next"

14.After entering the NAT Airspace, the last assigned domestic code to the Mode A/C should be maintained for 30 min, before setting the code to:(CH10)

15.Aircraft equipped with a single LRNS only may fly: (CH12)
MNPS airspace unrestricted.
Blue Spruce Routes" only.
outside MNPS airspace only.
other Routes than OTS

16.Entry into NAT RVSM airspace, e.g. flights to and from Keflavik, requires:
The approval for lateral navigation (NAT MNPS Approval).
The approval for height keeping performance (RVSM Approval).
Both approvals.


 After completion of the test, you push the SEND TEST button. With sending the test, you agree the pay the fees of EUR 59,-- 

After sending the test you will receive a certificate of MNPS training plus the corrected result of your test. An invoice of 59,-- EUR comes with this documents.

I will pay for: EUR 59,-- for the MNPS qualification only.

I will pay for: EUR 99,-- for MNPS & RVSM qualification.

I have credit: I have paid already EUR 99,-- with my RVSM qualification.

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