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This document has been created by HANKE-Aviation GmbH for flight crew training purposes.


  • It has been compiled from the NORTH ATLANTIC MNPS AIRSPACE OPERATIONS MANUAL  edition 2013 and has been reduced in volume to stay focused on the major issues of NAT MNPS operation using MNPS approved aircrafts.
    For further Informations you find a list of YouTube MNPS Videos here.
  • This document is giving you more informations than you need for a save operation inside the MNPS airspace. If you answer the questionnaire at a minimum of 75% your knowledge is sufficient. To find the correct answer to the questions, i added the relevant chapter to each question.  

  • After review of the document, the questionnaire at the end of the document must be completed and returned to HANKE-Aviation GmbH. 
  • You will receive your MNPS-Certificate by post within 10 days.


Annex to ED Decision 2012/019/R


EASA AMC Subpart C – Operations with specified minimum navigation performance (MNPS)

GM1 SPA.MNPS.100    MNPS operations


MNPS and the procedures governing their application are published in the Regional Supplementary Procedures, ICAO Doc 7030, as well as in national AIPs.

AMC1 SPA.MNPS.105    MNPS operational approval


(a) For unrestricted operation in MNPS airspace an aircraft should be equipped with two independent LRNSs.

(b) An LRNS may be one of the following:

     (1) one inertial navigation system (INS);

     (2) one global navigation satellite system (GNSS); or
     (3) one navigation system using the inputs from one or more inertial reference system (IRS) or any other sensor system complying with the MNPS requirement.

(c) In case of the GNSS is used as a stand-alone system for LRNS, an integrity check should be carried out.

(d) For operation in MNPS airspace along notified special routes the aeroplane should be equipped with one LRNS.

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