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The minimum equipment standard is embodied in the MASPS for RVSM flight operations. These MASPS require:

A functioning Mode-C SSR Transponder is also required for flight through radar controlled RVSM transition airspace.

The flight control and air data measurement systems of many modern commercial aircraft are designed to provide multiple redundancy. Nevertheless, the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) for RVSM operations must reflect the foregoing minimum requirements. In particular it must be noted that if following a failure of an Air Data Computer (ADC), both the Captainís and Co-pilotís altimeter instruments are connected to a remaining single functional ADC, this arrangement does not meet the RVSM MASPS requirement for two independent primary altimetry systems.

Airworthiness Approval for RVSM operations may be granted by the appropriate State Authority to individual aircraft, or to a group of aircraft which are nominally identical in aerodynamic design and in items of equipment contributing to height keeping accuracy.

When checking altimeters (pre-flight or in-flight), confirmation is necessary that all altitude indications are within the tolerances specified in the aircraft operating manual. At least two primary altimeters must at all times agree within plus or minus 200 feet.


Climb/Descend Through RVSM Levels

MNPS approved aircraft that are not approved for RVSM operation will be permitted, subject to traffic, to climb/descend through RVSM levels in order to attain cruising levels above or below RVSM airspace. Flights should climb/descend continuously through the RVSM levels without stopping at any intermediate level and should "Report leaving" current level and "Report reaching" cleared level.

Operate at RVSM Levels

ATC may provide an altitude reservation for an MNPS approved aircraft that is not approved for RVSM operation to fly at RVSM levels provided that the aircraft:

Operators requiring such an altitude reservation should contact the initial Oceanic Area Control Centre (OAC), normally not more than 12 hours and not less than 4 hours prior to the intended departure time. The altitude reservation approval should be clearly indicated in Item 18 of the ICAO flight plan. It must be noted that the provision of this service is intended exclusively for the purposes indicated above and is not a means for an operator or pilot to circumvent the RVSM approval process. The service will not be provided to aircraft that are not approved for MNPS operations.

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